based on the novel of Joseph Roth

Joseph Roth sends the impoverished Mendel Singer on an odyssee. The story is based on the personage of Hiob from the jewish Tanach and the christian Old Testament. Whenever his last born son Menuchim is diagnosed with epilepsy, Mendel refuses to have him treated, since – according to his point of view – only God can decide on that. As the oportunity arises to follow his other son Shemarjah to New York, Mendel leaves ill Menuchim back in Russia.

Other blows accompany the life of Mendel and his wife Deborah. In constant dialogue with his God, Mendel starts to doubt his compassion – until a wonder occurs.

Roth depicts people going their ways, who are torn between their guilt and blows while trying to lead a better life and though always end up dwelling in nostalgia.

Schlosstheater Celle
Premiere on 3rd of February 2017
Staging: Charlotte Koppenhöfer
Stage & Costume Design: Julie Weideli

check out what the Cellesche Zeitung had to say about our work: CZ_STC_HIOB_Premierenkritik.pdf