Der Wildschütz

Comic Opera in three Acts by Albert Lortzing

As a loud shot resonates at the end of the overture, it is the beginning of a turbulent series of confusions and disguises. The shot was fired by the village headteacher Baculus. His recent engagement to Gretchen leads him to go hunting for a supposed buck in the forest grounds or count Eberach. This illegal poaching threatens to become a disaster for him. For loosing his position will ruin his wedding. At this point the popular “Incognito” in comedy comes to help: A baroness appears as an alleged Gretchen before the count in order to soothe him. A baron pretending to be a stable boy woos this “fake” Gretchen. And the love lusting count hits on both Gretchen. A fiery declaration of love chases the next until finally the masks fall, Baculus has sold his bride for 5000 thaler and the buck turns out to be a donkey.

Lortzings music of Wildschütz – that premiered in 1842 in Leipzig – radiates with brilliance and overflowing lightness in each phrase. The composer thereby does not neglect in any way the comical storyline of Kotzebue regarding the criticism of the society. The era of the biedermeier is vigorously satirised and the ruling aristocracy has to suffer multiple potshots.

Staatstheater Kassel
Opening on Saturday 25th of May 2019, 19.30h
Musical Direction: Alexander Hannemann, Deniola Kuraja
Staging: Tom Ryser
Stage Design: Julie Weideli
Costume Design: Magali Gerberon