Der Boxer

by Felix Mitterer, freely after the fate of the Sinto-Boxer Johann „Rukeli“ Trollmann.

The stage becomes a boxing ring. Due to his origins as a Sinto, a young athlete starts out fighting for his dignity and ends up fighting for his life. Johann “Rukeli” Trollmann was an exceptional athlete. He is born 1907 in Wilsche close to Gifhorn and grows up in Hanover. As the NSDAP reaches power, the previously racially defamed athlete is being systematically excluded. His elegant and dancelike boxing style is denigrated as being un-German. After a detention of a few months at the work camp of Hanover-Ahlem, being wounded on the Eastern front and his exclusion from the armed forces, Trollmann is interned at the concentration camp of Neuengamme. There he forced into heavy work. Despite his continuous physical diminution he is forced to get into the ring over and over again.
Mitterers dynamic and moving play broaches the issue of the evil defamation of the so-called “other”. With the poignant fate of Trollmann he depicts also a piece of regional history.

More information about Johann “Rukeli” Trollmann can be found on the homepage of the association Rukeli Trollmann.

Schlosstheater Celle
Opening on the 25th of September 2015
Staging: Charlotte Koppenhöfer
Stage Design: Julie Weideli
Costume Design: Aleksandra Kica
Music: Dirk Böther
Dramaturgy: Ralph Blase
Boxing Coach: Mick Dettmar

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