by Albert Camus (1913–1960)

Through the death of his incestuously loved sister Drusilla, the roman emperor Caligula falls into a deep crisis and realises desperately the fugacity of all happiness and all ideals. His insight has grave consequences for his reign: He grasps the thought to force his knowledge about the senselessness of life upon all others and raises a tyranny, through which Rome soon appears to be perishing in chaos and arbitrariness…
As one of the most remarkable representatives of the French existentialism, Albert Camus celebrated with “Caligula” in 1945 his first big success on stage.

Theater Regensburg

Première on 27th of March 2015
Staging: Charlotte Koppenhöfer
Stage Design: Julie Weideli
Costume Design: Aleksandra Kica
Music: Jan S. Beyer
Dramaturgy: Meike Sasse
Light: Martin Stevens

Here is the feedback we received in two articles of the Mittelbayerische Zeitung: “Ein Tyrann riesst der Welt die Flügel aus” and “Hol mir den Mond vom Himmel”. Also an article of the free journalist Christian Muggenthaler “Caligula” am Theater Regensburg and from the Regensburger Nachrichten “Verzweifeln an sich, der Welt, der Gleichheit”